Dec. 16, 2011 the stage at the Elizabethan Gardens was set with all the trimmings, trees, dinner, yummy desserts and candy canes but the big attraction was the man in the big red suit.

Santa did what the magic of Christmas brings…wishes granted.

Kallie Gregg told Santa what she really wanted for Christmas was a polar bear and guess what? Santa brought it! He pulled a white plush polar bag out of his bag and Kallie’s eyes sparkled with delight. Mom was delighted as well she had the night off from cooking and the whole family sat down together and shared a delicious meal.

Shelly Summerton Gregg, Kallie’s Mom said, ” Dinner with Santa was the best money we spent all season. We loved the WinterLights. We got to have dinner visit with Santa, get her photo taken in a relaxed atmosphere and see the beautiful WinterLights. It was enchanting.”

Capturing the sparkle is a joyous treat! I love to see the expressions on the children's face as they tell Santa they have been good and what they would like to receive this year under the tree.

Dear Santa...I BELIEVE!

Always have and I always will.