Hailey a.k.a. Cargo

Steampunk Fashion on Roanoke Island.

What is Steampunk..Steampunk originated in the 1990s as a subculture in which fashion combined Victorian and futuristic design. It began as a way to visually bring to life science fiction or "science romance.” The term, Science Romance, originated from authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne in novels about futuristic Victorian and Edwardian societies. The term, steampunk, was coined from K.W. Jetter - a science fiction writer who wrote a letter to a science fiction magazine entitled "Locus" in 1979. He predicted that there would be a backlash against cyberpunk and that more Victorian inspired punk-culture would come to surface. He called it "Steampunk" (Hauldren, 2009). Cyberpunk was mostly a science fiction genre that focused on technology, whereas steampunk broke away from just the technology aspect and incorporated a more romantic, pseudo-Victorian, mechanical style. Steampunk started as a literary sub-genre and molded into a social movement, a lifestyle. These steampunk enthusiasts take modern technology and modern objects and they transform them to Victorian Times. “The result is a world where elegant steam-powered instruments of twisting copper and clockwork gears allow computing, air travel and advanced weaponry to emerge in the 19th century” (Poeter, 2008). ~ http:/​/​artofsteampunk.​blogspot.com and http:/​/​steampunkscholar.​blogspot.​comfor more info :)